Democrats Try to Intimidate Debate Moderators

bigotWe no longer have a free press. We have a left-wing, state-run press, beholden to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, and right now this propaganda machine is “working the refs” by intimidating debate moderators.

Just look what Dems did to Matt Lauer after the “Commander in Chief” forum, even though Matt was far more tough on Donald Trump than Clinton.  In fact, Lauer hammered Trump with twice as many questions. Still the left went full apoplectic after Matt dared ask about emails – not to mention the veteran who asked why she wasn’t in jail. Just look at some of these tweets…

Which brings us to the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan.

Sully isn’t as bad as Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (Baghdad Bob) but she is on par with Axis Sally and is a very special kind of #left wing propagandist. In the WaPo’s style section, Sully insists that Trump is going to lie at the upcoming debates and that it’s up to moderators like Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt, and Martha Raddatz to stop him. MID-DEBATE. Sully actually argues that the moderators should actively engage in hammering the Republican nominee as if they were part of the presidential election process, effectively making Trump debate not just Clinton, but also a panel of her three allies. Not once – NOT ONE TIME – in her article does Sully mention that Clinton should be truth checked.

The fact is this: CNN accused Donald Trump of “working the refs” by suggesting debate moderators won’t be fair and are supportive of sick Hillary Clinton. Pot, meet kettle because, in fact, it’s Democrats working the refs. The left made sure to destroy and publicly humiliate Matt Lauer on social media and in the press, and now Sully/WaPo is making sure that everyone got and understood the message: the media works for the Democrat Party and better get in line.

Oh and Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer, and Martha Raddatz: we’ll be watching you. Be sure that if you pull a Candy Crowley, you will never get a good viewer rating again (if you ever have), and your twitter feeds, facebook pages, etc., will be filled with visits from us (the Trump Train).

To finish, here’s disgraced Candy Crowley lying for her boss, Obama – an oldy but a goody.

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