A Message to New Mexico, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, et al.: VOTE TRUMP

Listen up, all of you in states listed above (in title):  #Trump has all the delegates. #Trump has all the momentum. #Trump will be the nominee. And #Trump will beat Hillary. So if you don’t vote #Trump, you’re voting for nothing; New York just finished the game for Ted Cruz, and Trump killed John Kasich’s chances long ago. There is no mathematical pathway for them to win the presidential nomination. None.

You may trumpbe thinking “but I genuinely feel 100% for Cruz.” So what? This is politics, not a drum circle where expressing your feelings is oh-so-important; save your primal screams and ideological voting for someone else. Continuing to vote for either of these candidates only helps the GOP in its suicide mission to tear the party apart. There’s also another option: if you want to protest, don’t vote in the upcoming primaries. Skip your state’s primary and blog about how you’re not voting because you wanted Kasich or Cruz, and just can’t vote for Trump. Abstention has always been a legitimate way to protest.

It’s time to grow up and use your brain, not your heart: vote Trump, abstain, or participate in the destruction of the GOP. Your choice. (And as always, if you enjoy military science fiction, buy my books here: Amazon)


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