Another Hollow GOPe Claim: Colorado Primaries Were Fair

Update (18 April 2016): In 2015 Colorado Republicans crushed a bill, which would have given CO voters the ability to chose their candidate – not the GOP. Cruz supporters in State Congress killed it. Some of these men are now CO delegates to the National GOP Convention in Cleveland.

Original post from 14 April 2016:

Last Saturday, the Colorado GOP’s plans to disenfranchise its Republican voters succeeded.  Kind of. It succeeded in that a strategy to put Cruz loyalists in every delegate seat went off as planned. But the Donald didn’t  sit back and take it up the you-know-what; subsequent speeches from Trump sounded like calls to revolution – that the people’s will was being ignored and their votes stolen.

And oh what a response he got.

Reince Preibus and Bill Kristol (and basically every establishment hack bowing and dancing for globalist K-street) hate Donald Trump’s complaints about the Colorado Primary process. After all, deception and theft are dark creatures, which cringe whenever they encounter the light of truth. And their response is almost funny; GOPe lickspittles insist Ted Cruz plays fair – he follows the rules. So let’s have fun! Let’s go through some of the GOP statements/arguments and follow with rebuttals.

  • The GOP rules were changed in August and Trump should have complained back then!!!

Why? Nobody in August 2015 dreamed the GOP would align against the Donald and attempt to stack delegate seats. After all, the GOP is the people’s party, right? It’s the “big tent,” filled with those who LOVE the constitution, freedom, and the vote. It would not surprise me if Trump’s camp assumed this: Lincoln’s party would NEVER adopt/support a rule change intended to thwart the voter.

Others did complain in August, because the rule change took place in a dark room with only 24 party bosses; COMPLAINING BACK IN 2015 ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING. The former CO GOP chair, Dick Wadhams called for the Party to “allow Colorado Republicans to have a strong influence on who we nominate to be the next president of the United States.” This was the type of response he got (emphasis mine): “if I wanted to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention, then I would want to support whomever I WANTED to support for President. If you would prefer some type of BINDING straw poll, then you are welcome to that opinion, but then we would disagree on that point.” Translation: we, the CO GOP, have a motto: “fuck the voters; we rule the masses.” Too bad this wasn’t clear back in August 2015, but it has the same kind of echo as this guy, who argued the party chooses the candidate, not the people.

Lastly, complaining in August 2015 would not have changed a fundamental fact: rank and file CO Republicans no longer have a say in who becomes the Party’s candidate. Time has no influence on whether this change disenfranchised voters or not.

  • “What Ted Cruz did in Colorado isn’t cheating, it’s called winning.” (Rush Limbaugh)

The infamous tweet: colorado-gop-tweet_1460316871924_35912235_ver1.0_640_480

The resolution to forbid CO delegates from voting Trump.

Trump Delegate turned away because he missed one meeting.

CO GOP delegates get 10 seconds to prove themselves.

Sorry, Rush. The above looks like cheating to me – and to GOP voters who plan a march on CO Republican HQ tomorrow.

  • The Primary Process Actually Favors Trump

This is a strawman – the discussion is about the CO Primary – not the Primaries in general.

  • The GOPe isn’t colluding against Trump; he’s just whining

Like C, above, this isn’t exactly what we’re discussing but it’s at least partially on point so I’ll address it.

Remember the #nevertrump tweet from the CO GOP? Reince Preibus allegedly stated he would NEVER turn over the RNC to Trump. Sounds a lot like #nevertrump.

One of MANY secret meetings between GOPe and their corporate overlords.

Remember that loser, Mitt Romney?

Last: THE ENTIRE ANTI-TRUMP PORTION OF THE GOP HAS ORGANIZED TO DENY TRUMP THE NOMINATION. This is why they help Cruz, and why they want Kasich to stay in.

To summarize: Rush, you must live on a different planet than the rest of us; maybe you’re in the DC bubble too, despite living in FL? That’s all for now – there may be a part 2 to this, so stay tuned.

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