News from the Election Front Lines: Globalization, Sex Scandal, and More…

Hey #Wisconsin and #WIPrimary: #Cruz Can’t Win.

Cruz Irregularities Raise the Question of Voter Fraud – Your Vote Might not Have Counted

Cruz Loves Him Some #Obamatrade, the #TPP, and #NAFTA – Superted-cruz-sex-scandalsize It

Your Vote for #Trump Was Just Stolen in LA (and in TN)

Cait anti-Cruz?

That Sex Scandal (#cruzsexscandal) – It Just Won’t Go Away…

…and It’s Beginning to Hurt #lusTED…

…Lifting Gag Order for The DC Madam’s Sealed Phone Records on Supreme Court Docket

Ted Cruz email Connected to Ashley Madison


 Weekly Standard Founder Confirms: Someone in Shadows Controls #GOP EstablishmSecret-Anti-Trump-Meetingent

This is How to Start a Civil War – GOP Establishment Doesn’t Care

GOP Laughing: Cruz Really Thinks He Can Win!

GOP Laughing: #WIPrimary Cruz Voters Don’t Understand that They’re Voting for Ryan


Trump: Rick Scott Wants #Revolution

Horror Scenario for the GOP: a Candidate Who Doesn’t Owe Anyonewinning

Trump Highlights What We All Know, but Wall Street Denies: Massive Recession Inbound

Media and Elites Align Against Trump

The Only Candidate with Anti-Drug Message

Pro-Trump Students Fear for Their Safety, Grades, #thechalkening


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