South Carolina Went Overwhelmingly for Trump – Here’s Why

There are a few simple reasons why South Carolina went overwhelmingly for the Donald. Left wing glue snifffers will tell you it’s racism, but they either haven’t seen (or they refuse to acknowledge) the influx of minority support toward the Trump Train. Right wing “true conservatives” (i.e., the folks who believe Cruz is the second coming of Christ) claim it’s because the media gave Trump too much press coverage – that the media isn’t “fair.” Excuse me while I spit coffee and laugh at this. When has the main stream media ever been “fair?” It really pisses these people off that Trump didn’t just win South Carolina; he won SOUTH CAROLINA EVANGELICALS. “And dammit! These people were supposed to vote Cruz!” Wrong. Evangelicals in SC can see through Cruz’s smarmy facade and recognize that he’s just another version of the Bush family – albeit in a more abrasive package.

Want to know why we voted for him? Fine. Here’s my list, ranked in order of most important issue to SC voters, to least important. And if this list doesn’t agree with your polling data and/or you don’t live in South Carolina here’s my response: I live here. I breathe the air and talk with people. I’ve seen this up close and you can’t get a sense of the people’s desperation by making phone calls and hoping the people on the other end tell the truth. Here’s why SC went Trump:

  1. Trump’s anti-free trade, pro-fair trade message doesn’t just resonate in this state, it sends daily tremors of hope. South Carolina has historically been dependant on the textile industry for jobs, and in many small towns it was the sole source of employment. Just look at this picture. millSince China was admitted into the World Trade Organization and Congress forced lied signed us onto NAFTA, an already slow decline of the textile industry turned into a massive route; factories closed en masse and relocated to other countries, leaving SC decimated. Sure, Boeing and BMW placed plants here but these plants are in urban areas; they do nothing to help the rest of the state’s unemployed factory workers and the net job numbers are still at a massive loss. And let’s face reality: if BMW or Boeing decide they can get a better deal by relocating to Mexico, off they go. And they can – thanks to “Free Trade.” Just wait and see what the TPP does for us.
  2. Trump tells it like it is. I don’t think this needs more explanation. We’ve all heard his rants, and I think Milo Yiannopoulos put it best by calling it a cultural revolution. This state is on the verge of vomiting all over the PC crowd who try to control language, and the spoiled college kids who cry at the sight of “Trump 2016” in chalk. Please. He speaks off the cuff and gives you his real opinion – even to the point where he gets in trouble. This is especially evident where Trump refuses to fire his bencampaign manager because a precious snowflake of a reporter claims she got “bruised” during a press scrum. And Ben Shapiro: seriously dude; stop going on TV. You sound like a 12 year old whose testicles haven’t dropped. Trump shows us that words are just that: words. He doesn’t let anyone control his language and neither should we.
  3. SC believes in border security. We remember that part of the 9/11 Commission’s findings were a demand to secure the borders. It’s not racist to want a wall, and every time the loony left screams “racist” we just laugh and go clean our guns. SC voters understand that if we allow un-vetted refugees into our country, what happened in Brussels and Paris will start happening in New York, or Charleston. And our southern border is open. For shit’s sake: The Border Patrol just endorsed Donald Trump, SOMETHING WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED!
  4. Trump is the only real outsider. Cruz? Come on. This guy grew up with the Bush family and calls one of the Bush’s his ideological father – or something like that. His wife supported the concept of a North American Union!! Kasich? Yeah, nobody thinks Kasich is an outsider. Or Rubio, or Bush, etc. In fact, our Governor, Nikki Haley has seriously put her political future in jeopardy by supporting these people because it looks like she just gave the SC worker a massive middle finger. Gross miscalculation Madame Governor; if you had presidential hopes, don’t count on getting SC’s vote in future primaries.

To summarize: these are the things that matter most to the average South Carolina voter. This state is poor. Voters don’t give a shit about sticking to a conservative program that has screwed them over for decades, and they’re sick of being lied to by Haleychart, Graham, and the rest of the “you are idiots to vote Trump” crowd. We want our factories back and see leaving unfair trade deals like NAFTA as a logical step in restoring at least part of the American economy. And this brings me to my final point: the regular GOP candidates have betrayed SC for decades, so why not vote Trump? Maybe this last point is the most important of all.

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