It’s Been a Year; Here’s what I’ve Been Doing…

I’ve been busy – mostly with a full time job. So let me do this by the numbers…

  1. I got a new agent! Actually multiple agents including Eddie Schneider and Joshua Bilmes, and these guys are the best. Even if I fade away and never publish another title, it’s been fantastic to work with them.
  2. I wrote a YA title that will hopefully go into submission in the next month or so. It was a long editing process and a learning experience, but it was a welcome change for me from SF.
  3. I wrote a literary novella. So far this is on hold, but once we start editing it, I’m hoping it will be my first shot at publication in one of the tier I mags (New Yorker, etc.). Hope is the key word…
  4. I wrote a short story for Andrew Liptak’s and Jaym Gates’ anthology, War Stories; mine is called Black Butterflies. The roster so far is AMAZING and I finally get to publish a story with Joe Haldemann (my idol) and author of WARCHILD (should have been a warstoriesHugo winner – further evidence of this award’s irrelevance), Karin Lowachee! Also, look at all the amazing authors on there like Ken Liu, Will McIntosh, etc. More on this in a separate post later…
  5. I wrote my first military fantasy piece, PATHFINDER, for a new anthology that I’m not sure has been announced and my story hasn’t been accepted. So no news on this yet.
  6. I’m working on a YA science fiction series with my daughter, who wants to be a writer. We’re 7k words into the first book and this is probably my favorite project yet; she’s already a better writer than me.
  7. An SF trilogy based on my short story Somewhere It Snows is on hold. The first book is at 55K and will stay there for a while. Why? The SF market is awful and I need to have a strategy discussion with my agent on what to do (YA vs. Adult).
  8. Why did I come to the decision in number 7? I totalled my car by running into a solid, immovable chunk of steel, full speed (without braking), and subsequently was in and out of consciousness for a good hour or two. I narrowly escaped serious head injury and walked away. But it makes one think about what’s really important and I decided that I’d rather spend time with my kids than with – well, you know.
  9. I’ve been fighting for first and fourth amendment rights. THIS HAS NOT BEEN A WASTE OF TIME. It has taken away from writing time but unless we have free speech, we run the risk of losing our right to define discussions – the ones all those ninnies on twitter enjoy right now. WAKE UP, EDUCATE YOURSELF AND GET INVOLVED.
  10. That is all.
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4 Responses to It’s Been a Year; Here’s what I’ve Been Doing…

  1. Your mom liked it? Awesome! And although I’m negative about the SF market, there are authors who make money there and my one piece of advice is this: make sure your cover has an awesome looking spaceship on the cover. Spaceships sell books. 🙂

  2. Tim Ward says:

    I love that my mom liked your post, too. I just wanted to let you know, T.C., that this blogging business of yours has kept me busy all day, as though this problem of the SF market being awful is a recent revelation. Don’t sleep on that next SF series too long, please.

    As I’ve said in private, I’m also so glad you’re okay and that you can write a book with your daughter.

  3. Wow! You’ve been busy. 1. I’m glad you’re okay. 2. I think it’s so cool that you’re writing a science fiction series with your daughter, and that she wants to be a writer. 3. I look forward to reading whatever comes out next. That is all. 🙂

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