Special Offer for Walmart AND Germline and Chimera Fans

You’re an early shopper for Christmas or someone’s birthday is coming up and you’re looking for the perfect gift for the science fiction fan in your life. What should you do? You know that it’s hard to find a good science fiction book these days; there are so many titles coming out that it’s difficult to decide on any one and besides: just buying him/her a book doesn’t seem like it’s “special” enough, am I right? I have an offer just for you!

Buy two (or even just one!) of my books at a significant discount, pay no shipping costs, AND they will be personally autographed at NO EXTRA CHARGE. You can even tell me what to write in the book, to make it a completely personalized gift. (We hope to have the third book, Exogene, also available soon; stay tuned!)

How? Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Walmart and search on the title you want (Chimera or Germline)
  2. IMPORTANT STEP: On the book’s page, type in my zipcode (29803) where it says “free store pickup with sitetostore near” – Again, this is the zipcode: 29803 DO NOT ENTER YOUR ZIPCODE!
  3. Select Walmart store #514
  4. Add the book (or both books!) to your cart
  5. When you’re done shopping, go to your cart and click on “store pickup”
  6. Use your email address as the contact for this order  – not mine!
  7. Warning: there may be sales tax on these books, but you will still pay less!
  8. You will eventually get to a part where it asks “Who will pick up this order?” – enter “TC” for the first name, “McCarthy” for the last name
  9. Continue as you normally would with any online order
  10. Email me your details (when it will arrive at my Walmart, what you want inscribed, where you want it shipped, and whether or not it should be gift wrapped) at my email: tburger88 at hotmail.com (note: replace “at” with @ and remove the spaces!)
  11. I will send you an email to confirm I agree to do this and will take it from there; it will be shipped at no additional cost to you.

Book III in the Subterrene Trilogy: Chimera

Yes this will take a couple of extra days but it transforms an otherwise ordinary gift into something a little more unique and even if he/she hates my book(s), you will have CLEARLY put a lot of thought into this one! 🙂 Here are two links to pre-loaded searches at Walmart for these books, just to make it a little easier:

Chimera (book three of the Subterrene series)

Germline (book one of the Subterrene series)

Happy shopping.

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  1. I love the cover art! I hope sales are going well. Hmm…maybe I need to buy myself a Christmas present. 🙂

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