What DongWon Song, Anne Lesley Groell, and Nick Mamatas Have in Common. Also DragonCon.

Tim Ward Interviews moi

Did you know that I stole an idea from George RR Martin’s editor, Anne Lesley Groell? Did you know that DongWon Song is a steely eyed missile man with balls of cast iron? Did you know that Alexander Field thought he was getting a WINNER when he signed me? Did you know that Nick Mamatas is super nice when you pay him? Learn the answers to these and other questions (like what really happened at Roswell) in Tim Ward‘s interview of me over at SF Signal. Wait. THat’s HUGO NOMINATED SF SIGNAL!!! Oh Ye-uh-yeah!!! (and don’t worry – once we get past the Chimera launch week I’ll shut the hell up).  Here’s the freakin’ link, you animals.

Flyleaf Books Makes a Mistake…

They booked me for a reading. Come one, come all! Here’s the link, you filthy animals.

DragonCon Beware; I AM Coming…

I just got my panel schedule and yes. It Rocks. I’m trying to get a bunch of free giveaways together with the help of my Orbit Overlords so stay tuned, and even if Orbit can’t help I’ll be bringing a bunch of my own free stuff. Everyone likes free stuff, right? RIGHT???? Anyway, look for me on these panels and yes, I do like having undergarments thrown at me whilst I speak. I’m also trying to schedule some readings, so stay tuned for details as they emerge…

Rejectomancy: Hear tales of the best rejection letters sent or recieved; Fri 01:00 pm at the Regency V – Hyatt

Science Fiction–The Real Thing How to break into the future world of Near future, Hard, Space Opera (pick your poison) Sat 01:00 pm at Embassy D-F – Hyatt

Good War/Bad War How have recent conflicts shaped or influenced today’s sf? Sat 02:30 pm at the Greenbriar – Hyatt

Transhumanist Open Discussion Better living through technology! The directed evolution and transformation of the human race via emerging technologies – pros and cons. Mon 02:30 pm at 202 – Hilton

And now a video of a very young Neil Young, because…well…because he’s Neil Young. So here’s the freakin’ link, you filthy animals.

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