Recap: Fiction Published in 2011

Looking back on 2011, it was the busiest year I’ve ever had. I wrote and submitted two books (the sequels to Germline), wrote and submitted I don’t know how many short stories, worked a full time job, and found the time to parent. This is why I’m always tired?

Germline, by T.C. McCarthy (Orbit Books)

The Legionnaires, by T.C. McCarthy (Orbit Books)

Short Stories:
Private Exploration, by T.C. McCarthy, Nature, Vol 474, 2011
A.I.P., by T.C. McCarthy, Story Quarterly, Issue 45 – not sure if this counts since it came out digitally in 2011, but the print version has not yet been released.

Looking forward to 2012: I’m about 75K words into writing my first literary novel, which is an entirely different beast when it comes to time commitment and word choice, but it’s something I needed to do for myself. The setting is in the deep south. I’m keeping the exact location a secret for now but it’s a place that had special meaning for me as it was the location where I had some of the best times, and one of the worst, and there’s a whole lot of kudzu – I promise.

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