Elmo Steals the Show

The phrase of the day at Nantucket Film Festival was “slightly confused,” a phrase that describes the Festival itself, not me. Look: these things rely heavily on volunteer support, so I had to remind myself not to get overly ticked-off when (a) yesterday the main office told me to go to the box office for rush-only tickets to the “Morning Coffee with…” series (b) today the main box office told me that they had been sold out for a week and to go stand in the stand-by line at the venue and then (c) the venue didn’t take cards, only cash (a fact that wasn’t relayed to me at any time). So I had to leave two high-school students (my niece and nephew-in-laws) there alone while I went and got money.

But it was worth the trouble. The theme of the day was “Morning Coffee with Writers,” with a panel of five film-makers who detailed their process in developing ideas for the screen.¬† By far the most interesting one was from the maker of “Being Elmo,” a documentary about Kevin Clash, the actor, puppeteer, and puppet maker behind Elmo – you know, the Elmo from Sesame Street? Here’s the video I captured¬†(and I know it sucks, but was the best I could do using only a phone):

Elmo at NFF2011_1

All in all it’s been a good Festival so far, but it’s not for casual movie-goers or for people not at least interested in the industry. There’s only so much you can see/do without one of the passes, and patrons get preference in seating, etc. – as it should be. The Patron Pass costs $1200.00. I passed the name of my agent handling movie rights for Germline to a few people, met some interesting folks and accomplished my mission of at least trying to drum up some interest and do some advertising. And I saw John Shea sneak into the back of this morning’s session; you can’t fool me, Lex Luthor…

Now back to my vacation.

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