Matt Bates IS Oscar Wendell

I got an email from my editor one day: “send me anything you have that describes the main character for GERMLINE, the cover artist needs it.”  So I did.  A few months later I got a draft of the cover and nearly passed out because it was real then.  Solid.  Somone was foolish enough to actually make a book out of my manuscript, and the guy who did the cover captured the feeling, the wreckage, and the hopelessness of a futuristic war in Kazakhstan.   This is Germline:


See the roughed-out edges?  The buildings in the background that look bombed out?  Well I did a search on the artist, Steve Stone, and found his website, and if we look carefully at his gallery we find the original GERMLINE artwork tucked in the middle of some amazing stuff but that’s not really what I noticed.  Look more carefully.  It looks like a full wrap cover – front and back.  Now look at the buildings.  That’s a hell of a place, and it was a hell of a shock to see one’s words translated into an image. 

But the title of this post mentions Matt Bates, so ho the hell is that?  Matt Bates is the model Steve used to represent my main character, Oscar “Scout” wendell – a bombed out mess-of-a-scene in his own way – and this is Matt Bates:

See the resemblance?  Look more closely at a few pictures of Matt from the Nemesis Agency.  Matt sent me an email out of the blue one day to introduce himself and he sounded almost as excited to be a part of this process as I am!  Still.  

I plan to keep my wife as far from him as possible.

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