The Best Rejection Ever

I minimize the amount of posting I do about rejections; everyone gets them, and in the end they all say the same thing.  But this one was different.  This one was way cool.  Sheila Williams took a few sentences to tell me how my story was good, and then one sentence about how she was rejecting it because it was too much like a horror story for Asimov’s – but that she’s "definitely" looking forward to seeing something else from me.   The Asimov’s form rejection paragraphs were nowhere to be seen – it was all personal-style – and I still can’t believe she took the time.

First rejection I’ve ever grinned about.

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2 Responses to The Best Rejection Ever

  1. dwarzel says:

    It’s funny you posted this (he said, three months later), because I just got a similar rejection letter from Ms. Williams (similar in the sense that it was personal), and that happened to be my first personal rejection from a professional venue. Strange that a rejection should make one smile…

    I had sent them a borderline horror/urban fantasy. It wasn’t a good fit for them, which I knew going in; but I figure that most magazines occasionally publish work that’s atypical of them, and they can’t do that unless someone sends it in.

    Good luck.



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